Borrow from the 80s for an Amazing Wedding Playlist

Posted by on May 28, 2018 in Blog

There’s something almost magical about the 80s that just makes everyone want to dance – and given the wide range of musical genres and styles this decade has left us with, it is more than likely that you too will find at least a couple of songs you love so much you’d include them in your Pennsylvania wedding playlist. How to do that? We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more. Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar on Me. Kind of cheeky, but definitely catchy,...

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The Music Style You Like Should Be Incorporated in the Wedding

Posted by on May 22, 2018 in Blog

Your wedding is a mirroring reflection of who you are and what you like. Your taste in food has been incorporated in the wedding menu, your favorite colors have been incorporated in the color scheme, and even your favorite movies could be easily “slipped” into the wedding day décor. What about music? Shouldn’t your personal musical taste infuse the wedding playlist? Of course it should! And following, we have gathered some suggestions on how you could do this. Read on and...

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Want Guests to Dance at Your Wedding? Follow These Tips

Posted by on May 14, 2018 in Blog

Your wedding is supposed to be fun and unforgettable – right? Of course, there are a lot of ways to entertain your guests – but truth be told, nothing can beat an evening filled with laugher, good music, and dancing. Like it or not, simply having music at your wedding is not necessarily a guarantee that your guests will actually dance – so what do you do to make sure this happens, then? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want guests to dance at your wedding. Mix...

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These Are the Sweetest Wedding Anniversary Songs Ever

Posted by on May 8, 2018 in Blog

If you are planning a wedding anniversary in Pennsylvania, you definitely want for it to have the same magic as the wedding day itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s been five years, ten, or twenty-five – you’ll want to celebrate your marriage and your love story the best way there is. Of course, music plays a huge role in all of this – but what are some of the best songs to play during your wedding anniversary? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more. Natalie...

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Songs that Are Always Requested at Weddings in the US

Posted by on May 1, 2018 in Blog

As the hosts of your wedding day, you definitely want to make sure your guests have plenty of fun during the event. Of course, you will want to ensure comfort, great food, and delicious drinks – but the music does play a huge role in everything as well. What are some of the songs that are always requested at weddings in the US? We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration. Major Lazer, Lean On. This song is still very popular in Miami – but...

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