If you have a party, wedding, or corporate picnic scheduled for the end of the year, or even early into 2021, you might want to add an affordable photo booth rental in Philadelphia, PA to your upcoming event. Photo booth rentals are an easy and accessible way to add a personal touch to your event and can allow guests to create their own mementos to remember all the fun they had.

It’s never been easier to book your photo booth rental with A+ Photo Booths. No matter if you’re planning for months in advance or a year in the future, we can schedule your photo booth rental in advance. Let’s take a look at a few great reasons to book your photo booth rental early with A+ Photo Booths.

  • Booking in advance helps you coordinate props. One of the best parts of adding a photo booth to your event is coordinating fun props and signs that match your special day. When you book your photo booth rental in advance, you leave yourself with plenty of time to find the perfect props. Best yet, you get your first pick on any of the props that we provide! 
  • Advance bookings ensure that you don’t run into scheduling problems. Though we have plenty of photo booths available for rent, booking in advance ensures that you’re able to get the exact type of photo booth you want. The same goes for any backdrops and other necessities that you would like included!
  • Booking your rental is quick and easy. Don’t have the time to sit on the phone or compare endless photo booth rental packages for hours on end? At A+ Photo Booths, we pride ourselves on helping you schedule your rental quickly and easily. Just give our team a quick call, and we’ll assist you in choosing the perfect package for your event.

No matter if you’re looking for a mirrorless photo booth or an open air photo booth rental in Philadelphia, PA, A+ Photo Booth is here to help you book. Visit us online or call 866-398-8178 today to learn more and schedule your booking!