Everybody knows that there are a few things that are must-haves at any wedding, such as caterers, photographers, and someone to officiate the ceremony. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to add some fun to your special day! Courtesy of A+ Photo Booths, your prime source for photo booth rental services in Philadelphia, PA, check out some of these reasons why getting a photo booth for your day may be one of the best marital investments you ever make!

1. Collect Additional Keepsakes

Whether you’re a guest or the one getting hitched, people love collecting keepsakes from weddings. Although many people supply their guests with mementos in the form of small gifts, cards, or custom photos, there is another simple and straightforward way to provide everyone with tangible reminders of your wedding. Photo booths allow all of your guests to take photos whenever they want and with whomever they wish, making it easy for them to create their own albums to record the experience!  

2. Extra Entertainment

DJs and live music are great for the folks are already out on the dance floor, but what about the guests who aren’t keen on dancing? Having alternative entertainment at your wedding can be a great way of engaging your entire guest list, and a well-placed photo booth might be just the ticket! Guests can have fun taking wacky photos of themselves in the photo booth if dancing isn’t their scene, or even if they just want to take a break from music for a moment or two!

3. Get More Social

These days, everybody is on social media, and photo booths offer the perfect opportunity for guests to share their experiences in real time! Your family and friends can easily share their photos on Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to keep track of the big day’s craziest moments!

Whether you’re getting married or you are looking for corporate event photo booths in Philadelphia, PA, there’s a whole world of possibilities you can open up with a simple photo booth rental. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at A+ Photo Booths by booking your rental today!