We’ve all been to weddings and as great as they can be, sometimes, the couples often have forced smiles and honestly, don’t seem to be having much fun at all. And why not? From last-minute upsets to events starting too far ahead of schedule, wedding days can turn out to be a nightmare for the couple.

It does not, however, have to be that way; at least we think it shouldn’t, so we’ve put together some basic tips that can help you as a couple enjoy your wedding day.

  • Planning

Remember the old proverb: “He who does not plan, plans to fail”? It applies to weddings too. By all means, plan meticulously and start your planning early. There are wedding planners that you can buy to help you write down everything according to dates or if you can afford one, hire a well-trusted wedding planner. If you, however, don’t have much time, why not try a destination wedding? They often come with all-inclusive packages and free planning. That way, all you have to do is show up on your big day and have fun.

  • Your Guest List

We can never stress this enough: The bigger your guest list, the less likely it is for everything to go according to plan. Your costs go through the roof and don’t forget seating arrangement issues and having to take everyone’s palette into account. Trust us, a wedding with only the people most important to you is the best. It’s what most celebrities choose by the way. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by your favorite people (a side tip is to never invite your ex!).

  • A Mindset of Compromise and Understanding

You’re going to need this one after the wedding too. On your D-day, you have to understand that it is in fact not only about you (most of it is) but your friends and family too. If they are happy and having fun, you’re bound to feel loved and happier so take them into account when making decisions. You should also keep in mind that no matter hard you try, one or more things may occur that are out of your control. Take them in stride and be ready to have fun and enjoy yourself no matter what. It is your special day after all.

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