Women have taken the working world by storm—about 57.1% of women are now employed, compared to only about 43% in the 1970s. Unfortunately, though female participation in the workforce has increased, women are often overlooked or left behind when it comes to corporate support. As an employer or manager, providing a little awareness and support to female employees, especially in a time of uncertainty and working from home as the norm, can help the women working on your team to thrive and live up to their full potential.

If you want to give a little more to your female teammates, consider using these three ideas to help them know you see their worth.

  • Ensure they’re not alone. Hiring other women shows your current staff that you value what they can bring to the table. Show them that you support their ideas, skills, and opinions by considering female applicants for any available positions. A promotion or raise once things return to normalcy is another excellent way to show them their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Once If you have vacancies on your upper team and you know a female colleague who would be great for the job, personally ask her to consider applying.
  • Have a corporate event. Another great way to show women that you support them is to have an event that honors them and the contributions they’ve made to your team, especially after enduring a pandemic. Highlight each of your employees’ contributions to your company, and be sure to be inclusive in any awards ceremony you hold. You can even hire a corporate photo booth rental in Philadelphia, PA to remember the fun!
  • Help them speak up. One of the best ways to support women in a corporate environment is to encourage them to speak up. If you feel that some employees would not feel comfortable speaking up, offer an anonymous suggestions box, and encourage all of your employees to use it.

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