You and your dad, you go a long way back – he was, after all, the first man in your life. The one who took care of you and smiled as he watched you grow up into a wonderful lady, the one who was always there for you, the one who will never leave your side no matter what.

You want to honor this beautiful human being in your life – and a father daughter dance is just the perfect way to do it.

What are some classic rock father daughter songs you might want to consider for this special moment of your Big Day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Guns’n’Roses, Sweet Child O’Mine. Well, this one is pretty much a classic – not just in the way it is perceived as a song within its genre, but also when it comes to father daughter songs. An energy bomb with a very sweet undertone, this song is a really good choice – one everyone will recognize and one you and your dad will actually feel good dancing to.
  • The Byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn. This sweet tune is about the passing of time and about the way there is a “season” for everything in life. Given the grandeur of the moment and the importance of the Big Day, this song fits in like a glove – and it’s bound to make you, your dad, and pretty much everyone present feel touched to the very core. Don’t be surprised to see a few tears too!
  • Neil Yoing, Here for You. Your dad will always be there for you – he’s been there from the very moment you came into the world and he always will. Dedicate this song to him to thank him for all the wonderful moments, for all the lessons, for all the hugs, and for all the support he’s offered you!
  • The Rolling Stones, She’s a Rainbow. If you would like your father daughter song to be about how your dad feels about you, this is a really good option. We bet your father will always see you as a little girl, filled with color and beauty and energy!


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