Music is immensely important for every type of event you may be planning – particularly for your wedding, an event that is meant to be filled with emotion, grace, and beauty.

Of course, you are more than free to play any kind of music fits you and your personality (as long as it’s not offensive to anyone, of course). But if you want everything to be in perfect coordination, do consider matching the moment of the wedding with the musical genre.

What are some tips you might want to know about this? Read on and find out more.

  • Instrumental music for the wedding ceremony. There’s something so suave about a beautiful instrumental song to walk down the aisle on! This kind of music manages to speak more than words can ever do – which is precisely what you need for a moment that manages to speak more than words as well. You don’t have to settle for one of the classics, as there are plenty of modern instrumental songs that could work very well for your ceremony.
  • High energy pop for the wedding entrance (yours and your wedding party’s). You want to start the reception on a high note, so our advice is to play a pop song filled with energy and positive vibes. Something like Pharrell’s “Happy” or Maroon 5’s “Sugar” will work wonderfully here, as these are the kinds of songs everyone will recognize.
  • Soul, jazz, or soft rock ballad for the first dance. This is the kind of moment that must go down in history as epically romantic and unforgettable. Choose a song that speaks to you and don’t limit yourself to any genre if you feel that’s right. Our suggestions for this section are mostly related to the fact that these genres are easier to dance on, but don’t feel limited by that.
  • Mellow and positive for the last dance. You want to leave the guests with a sweet taste in their mouth – so, for your last dance, choose a song that is slightly more toned-down than the songs for the wedding entrance, but still positive and sweet. One example here is “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson.


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