You’ve found the perfect off-the-shoulder gown, you’ve upped your reception game with a GIF photo booth rental in Philadelphia, PA, and your playlist is finally perfect — all that’s left to do is settle on your menu. Everyone wants their wedding reception to be as unique and individual as they are. If you’re looking for another way to customize your upcoming ceremony, say goodbye to boring vanilla and consider one of these nontraditional flavors!

  • Gingerbread. Are you dreaming of a winter wedding? Add a touch of holiday cheer with a cinnamon and gingerbread wedding cake!
  • Salted caramel. An especially popular option for fall ceremonies, salted caramel cakes combine the rich sweetness of the popular candy with the sharp enhancement of sea salt. Serve with a steaming hot signature cocktail to enhance each ingredient’s flavor even further!
  • Mexican chocolate. Want to add a tasty twist to your cake — but can’t get your fiancé to budge from the chocolate standby? Compromise with the spicy-sweet taste of Mexican chocolate! Mexican chocolate is made with ground spices and almonds, alongside classic dark chocolate cacao nibs. This gives your cake a rich, chocolatey taste while also infusing it with a unique bittersweet twist that’s irresistible!
  • Matcha. You might have tried a cup of the Japanese green tea at your local tea-room — but matcha is now making waves as a designer cake flavor as well! Particularly popular for spring weddings, matcha cake pairs well with sweet buttercream frosting that balances out its complex, bitter flavor.

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