Dressy casual? Black tie? White wedding apparel? Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be confusing. While both men and women now have a lot more freedom than they used to when it comes to choosing an appropriate outfit, there are still a few articles of clothing you should never even think about attending a ceremony or reception in.


  • White or ivory. No matter your age, gender, or closeness to the bride or groom, you should never wear white or ivory to a wedding. Other guests might think you’re trying to upstage the bride or attract attention to yourself. The only exception is if the wedding invitation specifically requests “white wedding” attire. This means that the bride and groom would like everyone to dress in white. In this case, you’ll be calling attention to yourself if you don’t wear white. 
  • Low-cut or revealing tops. Everyone wants to look and feel great when they attend a wedding — especially if you know the couple’s been researching wedding reception photo booths in Philadelphia, PA. However, remember that older guests and family members will be attending the event as well. As such, you should avoid wearing anything overly revealing or low-cut, no matter the dress code.
  • Jeans. If your wedding invitation invites casual dress, you might think that it’s okay to wear your favorite pair of blue jeans. However, for both men and women, jeans are still frowned upon during most weddings because they’re considered too casual for a religious ceremony. Skip the Levis and grab a knee-length skirt or pair of khakis instead.
  • Large purses and totes. Large bags and totes are unnecessary and inconvenient for yourself and others, as they can take up an unnecessary amount of space and create clutter in an aisle or pew. Consider carrying a small clutch or mini cross-body bag instead to keep things neater.


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