Your wedding music should be perfect – this is not just a party playlist, but the very background upon which your Big Day will happen. Of course, you want to include excellent songs for the special moments, such as walking down the aisle or dancing your Last Dance. You want to choose songs that are meaningful and keep your guests entertained.

What are the types of music you should probably not play at your wedding, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Music people cannot dance to. It’s OK to play relaxing music (be it classical or electronic) during the wedding ceremony, but when it comes to the actual reception, you might want to play songs people can actually dance to. No matter how much you like an experimental tune, if people don’t find it danceable, they will probably not join you on the dance floor.
  • Music that is indecent in any way. You and your friends may love a good “indecent” song – but your grandma will most likely not appreciate it (and even more, she might feel quite offended). Even more, if you have invited children at your wedding, you’ll probably want to keep them away from music lyrics that aren’t suitable for their age.
  • Music that pertains to only one genre. OK, if you’re a rock music fan, do your thing and include your favorite rock tunes in the playlist. If you’re a country music fan, include it in your wedding playlist. If you like pop music, include it in your Big Day. But DON’T focus on one genre alone – mix them up, so that you maximize the chances that your guests find at least a couple of tunes they like.
  • Music that’s too sad – or even worse, speaks about break-ups, cheating, and other similar motifs. This is a joyous event in your life – so why make yourself and your guests feel saddened? Keep in mind that not all “sad” songs sound “sad” (e.g. Macarena, a song played very often at weddings, speaks about cheating!). Listen to the tune and listen to the lyrics very carefully as well –


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