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The tables look spectacular, each one topped with a cascading floral centerpiece surrounded by crystal, china and silver. The string quartet arrived 15 minutes ago. As the violinist and cellist tune their instruments in the ballroom corner, Marjorie looks up at the clock and back at her watch to verify the time. Family and friends are due to arrive in 45 minutes and something big is missing! The empty area beside the entrance is reserved for a photo booth that has not arrived.

Marjorie calls the company she hired. NO ANSWER. She’s horrified. A photo booth is key to entertaining wedding guests. It is a memory maker, a laugh inspirer, a reason to socialize. Before going into full panic mode, she returns to her smart phone and searches “Philadelphia Photo Booth Rental,” clicks the link to A+ Photo Booths, and calls. Dan Butler answers the phone. “Yes, I can be there in 30 minutes,” he says.

A+ Photo Booths arrives in just 20 minutes. By the time the first guests walk through the door, Dan’s photo booth is set up and ready to go. The wedding reception is perfect.

A+ Photo Booths: Reliable, Professional, and Fun, Fun, Fun.