As the hosts of your wedding day, you owe it to your guests to provide them with excellent entertainment. This is a happy event, and both you and your guests should have tons of fun celebrating this life milestone.

What if you’re an alternative couple and want to show this off in every moment of the wedding, including the entertainment? We have some ideas for you – read on to steal inspiration.

  • Personalized coasters. Include wedding guests in your love story – get personalized coasters asking guests to give you advice on marriage, date night ideas, or ideas on what to do on your honeymoon. These could very easily double as an alternative guestbook too – and they will surely provide people with a lot of fun.
  • Ball pit. Would you like to be childish again? We bet your guests will like this too! Rent a ball pit for your wedding or take everyone to one at the after-party – there’s nothing more memorable than having fun diving into the ball pit, just like you did when you were a kid.
  • Food truck. Want to treat your guests with a delicious and fun late night snack? Bring in a food truck with whatever food you like most – we guarantee people will just want to line up to grab a bite. There’s something really festival-like, carefree, and delicious about eating off a food truck everyone is bound to love!


Don’t forget to hire a very, very good wedding DJ for your Big Day too! Bringing the best music into your wedding is bound to create amazing memories for all of your guests, to be sure to include this in your priority list! If you are looking for the best wedding DJ in Pennsylvania, contact A+ Entertainment right now – we will not disappoint you in any way!