Music is a really important element in every big event – be it a birthday party or a corporate event. Of course, weddings make no exception from this, so you will want to make sure your wedding day music is perfect from all points of view.

What are some of the wedding music mistakes you must avoid when planning your Big Day? Here are the tips to keep in mind:

  • Not running a basic sound check. It doesn’t matter what the venue manager says: you really need to run a sound check before the Big Day and make sure all the pieces of equipment are perfectly tuned to entertain your guests. Talk to your DJ about this and make sure it doesn’t slip your to-do list!
  • Not meeting with your DJ until the actual wedding day. This is the person who will play the music on the background of one of your most important life events. Do you actually want to leave it in the hands of luck? Schedule a meeting with your DJ and discuss all aspects with them: from the playlist itself to the songs you don’t want to hear at your wedding and to the backup plan.
  • Not playing music at the ceremony before it actually starts. Don’t leave your guests in silence! Play some music on the background as they all take their seats and start socializing with each other. Some relaxing songs with a good vibe to them will set the mood for later on – so it is mandatory that you create a playlist for the pre-wedding minutes.

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