Your wedding music is the perfect complement to a fabulously important day in your life – don’t let it be anything less than amazing! How to create a wedding music playlist that represents everything you are as a couple?

We have some bespoke wedding music ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Embrace your heritage. Love can really move the mountains – if not literally, then it can definitely make geography, ethnicity, language, and religions feel utterly small in front of it. Embrace your heritage through your wedding music playlist and make this a celebration of boundary-less love and passion. If you and your loved one come from different cultures, now’s the time to push it forward and create a beautiful mélange of songs that represent your heritage!
  • Old vs. new, new vs. old. Here Comes the Bride giving you a headache in its original form? Search for a metal version. Want a very modern song played in a classic way? You can definitely find that too. You only need to be creative and open to possibilities.
  • Mix up the playlists and the genres. Your guests are different at their very core. Some like it jazzy, others love it when they can mellow-dance on a romantic tune. Some like a bit of country, others are a bit more rock’n’roll. Whatever you are in terms of musical genres, remember to take care of your wedding guests by creating a playlist likely to incorporate all of their tastes and preferences. This way, they’ll spend more time on the dance floor maintaining the high level of energy at your wedding!

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