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Wedding Music Traditions You Don’t Have to Follow

Weddings are frequently rooted in traditions and customs. Some of them still make sense and many of them are still followed for their beauty – but in many cases, traditions don’t have to be followed in the modern context. What are some wedding music traditions you...

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How to Set the Tone for Your Big Day Using Music

Your wedding day is meant to reflect everything you are, everything your relationship represents. As such, you want every single element of the Big Day to be really well coordinate with your personality – from the colors that will enchant everyone, to the cake that...

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These Disco Songs Will Be So Much Fun at Your Wedding!

Like it or not, Disco music is a huge part of the world’s music evolution – without it, most of the pop songs you listen to today on the radio wouldn’t exist (or at least not in this shape). Disco music can be a really fun addition to your wedding playlist, especially...

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5 Interesting Ideas for Your Wedding’s “Something Blue”

Everyone’s heard the old saying—every wedding needs “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Have you decided what your wedding’s “blue note” will be? Consider adding one of these cool and fresh ideas to your big day! Add a blue hue to...

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3 Tips for Hosting Your Next Corporate Picnic

A corporate picnic can be a ton of fun or a total snoozefest. It all depends on how much time, effort, and planning goes into it. Planning a corporate event can feel like a ton of weight on your shoulders. If you’re responsible for your company’s upcoming corporate...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Daytime Wedding

As a top wedding mirror photo booth provider in Philadelphia, PA, we have staffed quite a few weddings held at all times of the day. Weddings in the U.S., as you probably know, are traditionally held in the evenings for a few reasons, including convenience, ambiance,...

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4 Reasons You Should Consider A Digital Photo Booth

Digital photo booths are great fun and affordable for parties and businesses. Despite once being a luxury only associated with celebrity events or large sponsored parties, a rise in popularity and advances in technology have made digital photo booths accessible to...

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5 Songs from the 60s Perfect for Your Wedding

  The 60s were a revolution from every point of view there is. Human Rights militants took to the street, the man landed on the moon for the first time and, in music, people were experimenting like never before. In many ways, the 60s set the stage for the music...

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4 Musical Genres for 4 Wedding Moments

Music is immensely important for every type of event you may be planning – particularly for your wedding, an event that is meant to be filled with emotion, grace, and beauty. Of course, you are more than free to play any kind of music fits you and your personality (as...

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