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4 Reasons You Should Consider A Digital Photo Booth

Digital photo booths are great fun and affordable for parties and businesses. Despite once being a luxury only associated with celebrity events or large sponsored parties, a rise in popularity and advances in technology have made digital photo booths accessible to...

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5 Songs from the 60s Perfect for Your Wedding

  The 60s were a revolution from every point of view there is. Human Rights militants took to the street, the man landed on the moon for the first time and, in music, people were experimenting like never before. In many ways, the 60s set the stage for the music...

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4 Musical Genres for 4 Wedding Moments

Music is immensely important for every type of event you may be planning – particularly for your wedding, an event that is meant to be filled with emotion, grace, and beauty. Of course, you are more than free to play any kind of music fits you and your personality (as...

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Wedding Photo Do’s and Don’ts

At A+ Photo Booths, Philadelphia’s top destination for wedding reception photo booth rental, our business is preserving some of life’s most memorable moments. We want your wedding memories to last a lifetime, and taking the time to come up with a plan for your wedding...

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These Songs Are Not Quite Right for a Wedding

Music is always amazing – even the least amazing songs are still pretty amazing in the way they manage to send across a message, enchant, and enjoy. However, not all music is suitable for all moments of life – and thus, some songs may not be quite right for a wedding....

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Mistakes NOT to Make When Picking the First Dance Song

As we were discussing a few weeks ago, your first dance song needs to be really well chosen and it really needs to make you feel absolutely amazing as you live the emotions of this magical moment. What are some of the mistakes not to make when picking the song for...

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