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Four Groups of Wedding Guests and the Music They Love

When planning a wedding, you want to make sure every single person will actually feel great there, celebrating with you. Sure, you have to consider yourselves and your love story first and foremost – but most of the reception elements should take the guests into...

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How A Photo Booth Can Make Your Corporate Event Epic

Want to make sure that your next big event is a hit among all of your employees? Rent a photo booth from A+ Photo Booths to receive exceptional service and value from a company that knows how to put the fun in any event! In fact, we're excited to share a few of the...

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These Songs Will Be VERY Popular at Weddings in 2019

Your wedding entertainment should mirror your personality and who you are – that’s for certain. But it should also be fun and it should appeal to all the guests invited at your party – and for that to happen, it would be a great idea to include some popular...

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Top Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Song

Your wedding song is more than just music – it is the song that will accompany you throughout one of the most magical moments of your life. And it is the song you will always associate with that beauty, emotion, and amazing vibes of the most unforgettable day ever....

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4 Classic Country Songs for a Romantic Wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest and brightest days of your life – it is, after all, the first step you make into marriage. Naturally, you want to be surrounded by everything that represents you – from the flowers you carefully set on each table,...

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Romantic First Dance Songs to Tell Your Story

No other moment of your wedding reception will be as beautiful and as unforgettable as your first dance – so it makes perfect sense that you want to make sure it’s really amazing from every point of view. Of course, you want to choose the very best song for this very...

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5 Things You Need to Know About Photo Booth Rentals

It’s pretty obvious that a photo booth adds an entertainment factor to any wedding or event. Before you sign with a company to rent a photo booth, there are a few things you need to know to hire the best in the business for your big event! You’ll Need a Photo Booth...

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2019 Indie Songs for Your Big Day

There’s something magical about indie music that makes people fall in love with it. The mixture of genres, the uniqueness of the voices and music, the rawness of the lyrics – they make for excellent wedding songs. But what are some of the very best indie songs of 2019...

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4 Beautiful Folk Songs for Your Wedding Day

Folk music has the power to soothe the soul and touch upon some of the world’s most important social topics – and if you’re a huge fan of the genre, you should definitely bring this into your wedding day too. What are some of the most beautiful folk songs to include...

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