There’s something almost magical about the 80s that just makes everyone want to dance – and given the wide range of musical genres and styles this decade has left us with, it is more than likely that you too will find at least a couple of songs you love so much you’d include them in your Pennsylvania wedding playlist.

How to do that? We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar on Me. Kind of cheeky, but definitely catchy, this tune is just the most amazing party starter, especially for those of you who love a bit of glam rock into their playlist. You could leave it towards the end of the party as well, just to make sure the guests want to join you for the after-party (because once you dance on this song, you won’t leave the dance floor too easily).
  • Toto, Africa. A classic 80s song – maybe not so much related to weddings per se, but definitely one of the most popular songs of the decade (and one with a lot of romantic power to it, if you think of the “It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you” lyric). We bet people at your wedding will just love the slightly melancholic, yet still energizing vibes of this tune.
  • Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up. There are many reasons one would ask for this song at their wedding. More than anything though, it’s fun and romantic and nice – which makes it perfect for a wedding, right? Play it at your wedding and watch couples come together, dance, smile, and send out positive vibes in the air.
  • Eurhythmics, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). This is your dream wedding, so this song makes perfect sense into the scenario. Play this tune if you want to see everyone dance their hearts out on the dance floor. It’s the kind of tune everyone is bound to know – if not for anything else, then for the huge variety of remixes that have been made based on this song.


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