Have you ever been to a wedding reception that fell flat? We assure you, it is a painful thing to experience. It just goes downhill from there and people can’t wait to escape and go home. A wedding is usually full of family and colleagues both special to the bride and groom. The problem with this is that a lot of these people may not know each other. This can lead to awkward silence and other situations.

Not to worry because, in addition to being a premier photo experience company in the metro area in Pennsylvania, we have some suggestions that can help break the ice and get your guests started on the journey of bonding and having fun at your wedding.

  • Games:

Games during your wedding reception party are a sure way to get your guests laughing and can be fun. You can play the shoe game, which has the couple raising shoes as the answer to obscure, fun questions and lots more. Two truths and a lie is also a fun wedding reception game and is sure to get everyone talking. In this game, a guest has to say three things about themselves. Two of those will be the truth, and the third a lie. The rest of the guests have to figure out which is the lie. Whichever game you choose to go with, some interesting conversations are bound to come out of it, thus breaking the ice.

  • Table Dance Off:

This is a great way to make sure that every guest at your wedding reception dances. The rules are simple. Select a different song for as many tables as there are at your reception. Any time during the reception that a particular table hears the song assigned to them, they have to stand up and burst out some dance moves. It can’t get more fun than that! Just be sure to confirm that the MC announces the song for each table. You can also put it as part of the table decorations.

  • Photo Booths:

A fun activity for guests of all ages, a photo booth can be a good ice breaker at your reception. Guests who haven’t seen each other for a while get to reunite for a picture. New acquaintances can also be made. The best part is that the photos that have been taken can double as wedding favors for your guests.

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