Getting married is a very big step in your life – so it is only normal that you want every second of the big day to be just as fantastic and unforgettable as you’ve always dreamed it to be. Of course, every detail matters – and your send-off makes no exception whatsoever.

How to plan a seasonal wedding send-off? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Play with the glamorous touches of this season by giving your guests confetti, glitter, sparklers or other similar party props to use when they send you off at your wedding exit. They will have tons of fun doing this – and you will feel utterly special. Plus, it will look absolutely amazing in the pictures as well!
  • This is a time of rejuvenation and beauty, so why not bring a bit of that energizing feeling into your send-off as well? Flowers and flower petals will make your wedding exit feel like a true dream come true.
  • With the warm weather outside and with the candid light of summer shining down on you, you will want your wedding send-off to have that cozy, beautiful “vibe” we all love so much about this season. The best send-off material? Dried lavender flowers. They will not only look really pretty, but they will fill the air with their stunning fragrance too.
  • A season of romance and mystery, fall is a much-appreciated choice for many brides. If you want to have a fall wedding as well, incorporate fallen leaves in your wedding send-off. It will look and feel unforgettably unique!

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