As a couple about to get married, you naturally want everything at your wedding to be dreamy, perfect and truly unforgettable. You want everyone there to have the time of their lives, and, of course, you want every second to feel magical.

Surely, you will want to give your first dance the importance it deserves. But how to choose the very best song for this special moment at your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First and foremost, understand that this is a decision you both have to take. In other words, both you and your loved one have to pitch in and make suggestions, communicate about the opinions you have on certain songs, and eventually decide on the right tune – the one that feels like “home”, the one that genuinely tells your love story.
  • Furthermore, make sure the song you choose is danceable. There’s no point in choosing a song that makes it hard to dance to, especially if you know yourselves not to be the best dancers in the world.
  • Regardless of the song you choose, remember that it is your right to pick something that truly speaks about you and your relationship. You can choose a classical song, a very modern one, or anything in between. You can make it truly personal by involving lighting, by inviting your wedding party to dance with you towards the end of the song, or by simply being you and dancing your way into the beginning of an inspiring marriage.

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