Planning a Christmas wedding (or, generally, a wedding in December) can be a fantastic idea, especially for those of you who genuinely love this holiday.

Yet, it seems to be a long way from Christmas-inspired décor and foods to actually playing Christmas songs at your wedding and some couples might feel reserved when it comes to the idea.

Sure, playing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town might not be the best option for a wedding – but for those of you in love with the spirit of the winter holidays, we have good news: there are Christmas songs you can play at your wedding. Here are some of the best:

  • Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas Is You. Call it as you may, but Mariah can sing – and this particular tune is on everyone’s lips as soon as December kicks in. If you want to see people dancing and having fun on your Christmas wedding dance floor, this song is perfect for the occasion: it suits the theme, it has the energy, and it’s filled with romantic touches.
  • Train, Shake Up Christmas. OK, this might not be a romantic song – but it sure is a very danceable, loveable one. People love the joyful vibes of this song and the energy it emanates – which is precisely what you need when you want to make sure your guests voluntarily join in on the dance floor.
  • Dean Martin, Let It Snow. This song is perfect for a romantic dance after a nice dinner. Its soothing energy calls for stories by the fireside and love floating in the air. Its lyrics are pure romance. Its timelessness makes it perfect for everyone, from your grandma to your 14-year old niece. A true Christmas song filled with everything beautiful in the world!
  • Bob Dylan, Winterlude. Probably not as famous as his most recognizable songs, but equally amazing in a thousand ways, this tune has it all: the amazing voice, the deep lyrics, the winter theme, and the romantic thoughts. It will make everyone smile without knowing why!


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