Don’t Choose Your First Dance Song Like This

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Blog

There’s something utterly unforgettable about the First Dance of the bride and groom. The beauty of the songs, the moves, the magic of the emotions – there’s nothing more beautiful than starting your life as husband and wife in dance steps!

Of course, the song you choose for this moment is really important – so what are the things you shouldn’t do when making the final call on this? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Choosing a song and not listening to the lyrics. You have no idea how many songs out there sound perfectly romantic…until you listen to the lyrics very carefully. For example, Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You is a love song, but it’s more about a breakup, rather than a happy, ever-alive relationship – so it is totally inappropriate for a wedding.
  • Choosing a song just because it’s popular. Can you imagine yourself watching your First Dance recordings 20 years from now with a song that’s just another trend? Probably not – and this is precisely why you should only settle on a song if you resonate with it, and not in any case just because it’s popular.
  • Choosing a song you can’t dance to. Let’s face it: we’re not all born to be natural dancers, so it’s probably best for you if you choose a song that’s easy to dance to. You don’t have to be boring (there are a thousand ways to spice up a First Dance) – but don’t try a choreography that’s too complex if you don’t have much dancing experience.

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