There’s something utterly unforgettable about the First Dance of the bride and groom. The beauty of the songs, the moves, the magic of the emotions – there’s nothing more beautiful than starting your life as husband and wife in dance steps!

Of course, the song you choose for this moment is really important – so what are the things you shouldn’t do when making the final call on this? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Choosing a song and not listening to the lyrics. You have no idea how many songs out there sound perfectly romantic…until you listen to the lyrics very carefully. For example, Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You is a love song, but it’s more about a breakup, rather than a happy, ever-alive relationship – so it is totally inappropriate for a wedding.
  • Choosing a song just because it’s popular. Can you imagine yourself watching your First Dance recordings 20 years from now with a song that’s just another trend? Probably not – and this is precisely why you should only settle on a song if you resonate with it, and not in any case just because it’s popular.
  • Choosing a song you can’t dance to. Let’s face it: we’re not all born to be natural dancers, so it’s probably best for you if you choose a song that’s easy to dance to. You don’t have to be boring (there are a thousand ways to spice up a First Dance) – but don’t try a choreography that’s too complex if you don’t have much dancing experience.

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