As the bride and groom, you want to create a truly special atmosphere at your wedding ceremony. This will be one of the single most important events of your entire life, so you definitely want to make it really, really unforgettable – and music does play a huge role in this part of the wedding too.

What are some of the songs you can use for the ceremony interlude to mark some of its essential moments? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Tuck & Patti, Take My Breath Away. This is nothing like the Take My Breath Away you probably know from Top Gun. It’s soft, suave, and really classy – a jazz tune perfect to play on the background of your wedding ceremony, as you go through the unity candle lighting (or any other ritual you may have replaced this with).
  • Led Zeppelin, Thank you. It never gets more beautiful, purer, and more unforgettable than a simple Thank You. If you are looking for a song that’s as far as it gets from traditional, but still want to show off the beauty in simplicity, this is the perfect tune for you
  • Leonard Bernstein, A Simple Song. Another soft and beautiful tune that will perfectly complement your wedding ceremony interlude. Again, you can play it on very low volume at any point during the actual ceremony and it will make things feel even more magical and special – we guarantee guests will love it!


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