Hiring a very good DJ is essential for the success of a wedding – and while this is something a lot of brides can agree with, the truth is that a DJ’s task seems to be constantly surrounded by a lot of misconceptions too. What are some of those which you should absolutely avoid when working with your wedding DJ? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • A DJ’s job is easy and not so time consuming. You may feel you are paying your DJ only for the few hours he spends at your wedding. However, you should also consider the prep time, the time he spends on the phone and emailing you, meeting with you, unloading and setting up, and so on. In total, a DJ can work up to 18 hours (and more) for one wedding alone.
  • You have to give your DJ a playlist. No, you don’t – what would his job be, then? What we strongly advise you to do though is talk to your DJ about the “must play” and “mustn’t play” songs, so that he knows how to incorporate this into the big day.
  • You shouldn’t allow your DJ to take requests. In fact, allowing your DJ to take requests is more than recommended, as this will help him determine what kind of songs people want to dance on. Remember, he is not obliged to act upon all the requests, though – he should also filter through all these suggestions and select only the ones that will bring the most into your wedding reception.

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