Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most amazing and fun events of your entire life. You are, after all, celebrating your love story – so it’s perfectly normal to want guests to have a genuine great time too!

What are some of the most excellent and unique ideas you could incorporate into your wedding entertainment? Read on and find out more.

  • Fun Wedding Trivia. Have guests “submit” questions in a special bowl and organize a Trivia game with your spouse, based on some of the best questions submitted by your guests. People will have tons of fun having their questions asked, and you will definitely create a bunch of really amazing memories this way.
  • Plant a tree during the ceremony. If you want to replace the overused sand ceremony with something even more meaningful, plant a tree together. As you see it grow, it will be more than symbolic of your growing, flourishing marriage,
  • Hide a GoPro. Want to record the aisle as you see it when you walk down? Or maybe want to record your future spouse as they walk down the aisle themselves? Hide a GoPro – in the bridal bouquet, in the bouquet of one of the bridesmaids, or simply in a flower arrangement at the altar. This perspective will allow you to record one of the most beautiful memories of your entire life – and it will do it in very high quality as well!


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