When planning a wedding, you want to make sure every single person will actually feel great there, celebrating with you. Sure, you have to consider yourselves and your love story first and foremost – but most of the reception elements should take the guests into consideration quite a lot. Entertainment makes no exception in this direction.

What are different groups of wedding guests likely to want to listen to when attending your wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Your friends. Of all the people you will invite at your wedding, they are, by far, one of the easier groups to “read” – and that is mostly because there is a very big chance that they are very much like you in terms of the music they listen to and how they do it. So, if you like pop Top 40s, they probably like the same as well.
  • The one decade-older generation. These people might be older cousins or simply workmates. You are somewhat close to them in age, but there are still some differences that can be notable. The best way to deal with them on your wedding playlist is by including a popular song from the times when they were teenagers or very young adults – it is quite likely that they will love it.
  • The parents and grandparents. Chances are that your folks do not pay too much attention to modern music – but put on a CC Catch or Abba and they’ll be on the dance floor. It makes sense: this is the music of their youth, and very likely music they played at their own weddings too. It will make them feel young, energized, and dreamy again – and this is precisely why they will love a good retro (or even oldie) song.
  • The wedding party. It’s not that your wedding party wants to be really in the spotlight – but they kind of expect it. Dedicate a couple of songs to them to show them how much you care about their friendship and support – it will make them feel so great!


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