Your wedding music is more than important – but that’s something you definitely know and agree to. Of course, you will want to plan a wedding playlist that keeps everyone entertained – but how do you actually make your music even more fun?
We have some ideas for you – so read on, take some inspiration, and plan the best wedding ever!

  • Karaoke contest. Organize a small karaoke contest with fun prizes (such as “the person who wins the contest can tell you to do something fun in front of the other guests”, for example). Everyone loves karaoke, so this is guaranteed to be a really amazing addition to your wedding!
  • Ask guests what song to play. This can be done really easily by simply adding an extra-line on your wedding invitations. You may not be able to include all of those songs, but you can at least see which are the most popular ones, so that you make a lot of guests feel more eager to join in on the dance floor.
  • Replace table numbers with song or band names. This is especially great for those of you who are really into music and want to add a bit of their own personality to the entire Big Day. Plus, it’s far more fun to be seated at table “The Beatles”, rather than a boring “table number 8”.
  • Play a song. Can you play the guitar? Or maybe you can sing? Why not share this special talent with your guests? Doing it will make the wedding more unique, and it will definitely create a truly memorable moment!

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