You may not see your rehearsal dinner as important as the Big Day – but in many ways, this is a preview of the amazing event ahead of you. Of course, you will want to make sure everyone has the time of their life during the wedding itself – but you should first set the mood by creating a rehearsal dinner that’s really beautiful.

What music to play at your rehearsal dinner? We have some playlist tips and ideas – so read on to find out more.

  • Stevie Wonder, You Are the Sunshine of My Life. Stevie’s voice, the lyrics of this song, the beautiful atmosphere created by it – they are all perfect for a laid-back, relaxed rehearsal dinner. What could be more romantic than expressing how much light your SO brings into your life?
  • Duke Ellington, In a Sentimental Mood. Again, this is a nice, romantic, relaxing song you can definitely add to your rehearsal dinner, regardless of where you choose to have it. Plus, its message is more than suitable for the day before the wedding, when you will feel more sentimental than ever!
  • Sarah Vaughan, My Funny Valentine. Some songs never get old – and this one is a very good example. Plan a rehearsal dinner with this song included in the background playlist and you will create a truly romantic and unforgettable atmosphere for this magical pre-wedding gathering!
  • Smokey Robinson, Cruisin. If you want to include a couple of dances into your rehearsal dinner, do not hesitate to include this song as well. Sexy, smooth, and very romantic, this tune will compliment your feelings and your state of mind right before the wedding day!

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