Every element of your wedding can make a huge difference in how your guests feel there (and ultimately, on how you feel and the kind of memories you build from your Big Day in Pennsylvania).

Obviously, your wedding music does not make exception from the rule – but how do you plan it? Where do you start with your wedding music planning?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Decide how much you can spend. Budget is really important when it comes to everything wedding-related, so you should decide from the very beginning how much you can afford to spend on wedding music itself. Based on this, you will know how long you can book the DJ and whether or not you can book them for extra hours as well.
  • Balance is key. You can’t rely on emotional music only, same as you can’t rely on party music only either. Likewise, you shouldn’t play just one musical genre, or one decade only. It is extremely important to create balance with your wedding playlist, especially because you want everyone at your wedding to feel good and dance.
  • Keep it classy. Yes, you might like getting all energized by songs that are not, well, classy – but your wedding is not the place to play them. If you want to, you can play these songs during the wedding afterparty, but keep them away from the main playlist. Your grandma will definitely not love them in any way.
  • Do take your time when choosing two of the most important songs: the first dance and the wedding processional one. These songs should be filled with emotion, as they will actually contribute to the dreamy atmosphere of these moments.
  • Last, but not least, do make sure to end your playlist with a high note. You want guests to leave your wedding with a smile on their faces, energized, having created awesome memories – and great music will definitely help you with that.


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