As professionals working in the event and wedding industry, we see nothing more romantic than a couple tying the knot and looking towards the future in full hope.

We know how important it is for couples to plan their dream wedding – and while that definition may differ a lot from one couple to another, one thing stays true for everyone: all brides and grooms want their wedding to be romantic. Some want a more elegant event, and others like the idea of a casual Big Day – but romance will always be sprinkled in between the lines of your favorite wedding theme description.

How to plan a truly romantic wedding (as seen by a wedding DJ)? Read on and find out more.

  • Your processional. Weddings are sprinkled with many emotional moments – but truly, nothing sends shivers of emotion down everyone’s spines as much as the processional does. There’s something magical about it – so do make sure it turns out perfectly. The flowers that decorate the aisle, the backdrop of the altar you are heading to and the song playing on the background will make this moment truly unforgettable.
  • Your First Dance. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” when it comes to First Dance songs (or even dance moves, for that matter). Every couple is unique – and this is your moment to show it off. If you feel excellent dancing on Adele’s most romantic song, do it. If you want to make this a fun moment filled with quirkiness and humor, do it. If you like the heavy sounds of a classic rock ballad as you swirl through your perfect ballroom wedding, do it. There’s no rule here – it’s just you, your special someone, the sounds of music, and the dance floor.
  • Your Cutting of the Cake. Many couples don’t put too much importance in this moment – but at its foundation, this is such a romantic tradition! From the fact that both the bride and the groom cut the cake together to the fact that the cake itself represents the sweetness of their love, every single step of this wedding tradition is filled with meaningfulness and romance. Remember to play a nice, energizing song for this special moment and it will be really memorable!


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