Your wedding deserves to be memorable from A to Z – and while décor, and the dress, and the food itself all play very important roles in making the Big Day truly shine, your entertainment is a key player in this whole picture too.

How to plan your wedding entertainment according to each of the main parts of the wedding day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The ceremony. This is not the time for “heavy” entertainment. Given that most of the VIPs will feel very nervous about the entire wedding (with you among them, of course), you need to entertain the guests in a relaxing and harmonious way. Our suggestion is a selection of beautiful, instrumental songs – music is an excellent cure for anxiety!
  • The cocktail hour. This is the time to lighten up the atmosphere and put a smile on your guests’ faces – just enough to set the mood for the big party. Aside from nice music (playing in the background, not too loud), you might want to include some other form of entertainment here as well. A caricaturist can be an excellent choice for this part of the Big Day.
  • The reception. This is the time to feel energized, to dance, and to have some real fun. Of course, a playlist created to mirror your personality and your taste in music is mandatory. But aside from that, you might want to surprise your guests with something special too. A fireworks show, a fire juggling show, or even a dance show can energize everyone and make your guests feel the “good vibes”. If your reception will take place during the day (and if it will end before nightfall), there are other types of entertainment you can include – such as oversized board games, or little contests you can organize for your guests. Of course, a photo booth is a great entertainment element to have any time of the day!
  • The wedding brunch. This is not in any way a mandatory element of the Big Day – but it’s a nice way to show those you care most about that you are thankful for their presence. To put a smile on these wonderful people’s faces, you could hire comedic lookalikes, for example.


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