Your wedding day is meant to reflect everything you are, everything your relationship represents. As such, you want every single element of the Big Day to be really well coordinate with your personality – from the colors that will enchant everyone, to the cake that will delight your soul (and taste buds!).

Music is one huge element of the wedding, as it can really help you set the right tone. How do you use it with this purpose, though?

Read on and find out more.

  • Play background music at the beginning of the ceremony, as the guests are taking their seats. It doesn’t have to be anything too loud – just enough to set a nice ambiance. Go for instrumental songs or chill-out electronic sounds if that is more of your thing. It can really help bring guests into a good mood.
  • Choose a processional song that suits you. Unless you plan on having a religious wedding in certain denominations, you are probably allowed to choose your own processional song – so take advantage of this and make it your Pick a song that reflects your story, who you are. It could be a pop song, a classical melody, a rock one, anything you want – as long as it suits your personality, it’s perfect!
  • Create a nice playlist for the cocktail hour. Pick songs that are happy and relaxing at the same time and work out the mood before the reception with a few songs that are just a bit more energizing towards the end of the cocktail hour.
  • Pick a first dance song that suits you. Same as in the case of the processional song, this is your moment to shine – so allow yourselves to create a first dance moment that fully mirrors the beauty of your story. You can make this a slow dance, a more energizing one, or you can even create a special choreography out of multiple songs )to make it fully personalized).
  • Sprinkle the entire reception with songs that are uplifting, energizing, and joyful. This is one of the happiest moments in your life – so share the joy with your guests by playing music that reflects just how amazing and in love you feel!

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