Every musical decade has its own kind of magic – right? And when it comes to positive vibes and the feeling that a New Era is just around the corner, nothing quite beats the 50s – which is precisely why this decade still finds many fans of all ages.

If you too are passionate about the 50s and its music, you should definitely include this in your Pennsylvania wedding. How? We have gathered some of the best 50s songs you could use for your wedding playlist – so read on and find out more.

  • Frank Sinatra, Come Fly with Me. It’s hard not to fall in love with Sinatra’s voice and his absolutely amazing lyrics. It’s hard not to want his magic included in your wedding. If you are looking for a 50s-era Sinatra song to include in your First Dance, Last Dance, or pretty much any other moment of the wedding, this would be a truly amazing option.
  • Ritchie Valens, La Bamba. Yes, this song is from the 50s – and we guarantee it’s one every single guest will know. It makes for the perfect ice breaker, and it makes for the perfect line dance – so why not include it in your wedding for a dash of colorful fun?
  • Nat Cole King, When I Fall in Love. A romantic tune torn out of the 50s and timeless in its own way, a song created by one of the most representative names and voices of the era. What more could you want when you dream of a retro wedding? There’s something incredibly soft and romantic about this tune that makes it a true masterpiece for any generation.
  • Elvis Presley, Don’t Be Cruel. We couldn’t have ended this list without including the King himself, right? Truth be told, he cannot be equaled by anyone – the smoothness in his voice and songs, the lyrics, the vibe of change each and every song represents, they are all just magical. Include a touch of Elvis in your 50s-inspired wedding and guests will definitely love it.


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