Your wedding entertainment should mirror your personality and who you are – that’s for certain. But it should also be fun and it should appeal to all the guests invited at your party – and for that to happen, it would be a great idea to include some popular contemporary songs in your wedding playlist (either for one of the special moments or just pure and simply for the dance party).

What are some of the songs that are bound to be very popular at weddings in 2019?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance. This isn’t necessarily a new song, but all trends point to the fact that it will continue to be a really popular party tune in 2019. Why wouldn’t it be? It literally invites people to dance, it has great energy, and it has that kind of cuteness that makes people smiling. It’s really a perfect floor breaking song!
  • Marshmello – Happy. We’ll admit this isn’t necessarily a happy song (don’t get fooled by the title and the vibe of the song itself). However, it’s a pretty recent song that is bound to be quite popular in wedding playlists – with all its sadness, it somehow manages to send out a pretty positive and emotional message out in the world, and this makes it quite great to have in your wedding playlist.
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire – September. This is the kind of song everyone knows, even if not consciously. Again, it’s not a new one – but it’s the kind that comes back to popularity every now and again, to make people feel good dancing and singing along to its lyrics. Don’t remember it? Give it a listen and we guarantee you’ll want to include it in your playlist too.
  • Justin Timberlake, Can’t Stop the Feeling. There’s something undeniably amazing about this tune that makes people come back to it again, and again, and then again some more. Play it at your wedding and you’re sure to get a dance floor packed with guests having fun!


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