You will want to feel perfect at your wedding – and making sure your guests feel amazing too is a huge part of that. Of course, you will provide them with delicious foods and drinks, with amazing décor and you will do your very best to ensure they are having tons of fun while celebrating your wedding.

But how do you actually make sure your dance floor is full at your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First of all, be sure you time your music the right way. Playing party music as soon as the guests enter the reception venue is definitely not a good idea, as most of them will not really feel like dancing before they have a bite and something to eat. Gradually increase the energy level of your music to get people in the “party mode”.
  • Dim the lights too. Dimming the lights will make people more eager to be on the dance floor, as they will be less timid when the lights are lower. Combined with an energy increase in the music, this can really make guests want to dance and party.
  • Be there, as the host. Most wedding guests will follow in your lead – so if you’re on the dance floor, they will join you too. Be really present on the dance floor and show people how great you are feeling – trust us, this is actually contagious!

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Photo source: Ally Mauro