Your first dance is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event – so it deserves to be absolutely magnificent. How do you go past the classic dance steps and songs and make your first dance really memorable and unique? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Don’t settle on one song only. If you and your fiancé have more than one songs you really love and think would represent you, don’t be afraid to incorporate them all. A good DJ can help you create a medley of your favorite and most representative songs to create a really unique first dance moment (and hey, this is your chance to have both a slow song and an uplifting one too).
  • Add your own voices to the tune. If you want your first dance song to be more than personalized, add your own voiceovers. Even if you’re not America’s next pop singer, doing this will add so much originality to this special moment!
  • Change your clothes. Can’t decide between a long and classy dress and a short and modern one? No worries, you can have them both – and many brides these days choose to do the same. In fact, it’s actually customary in certain cultures to wear two dresses – so why not make a “costume” change before the big first dance? It will surely add a very nice touch to the entire moment.
  • Use props. Want to add a bit of fun and humor to your first dance? Use props that represent you and your relationship – from funny sunglasses to light sabers, you can have them all.

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