Your wedding deserves to be really amazing and unforgettable. After all, this is a very unique day in your life, so it’s perfectly expected that you will want to make sure your guests are having a great time.

What are some of the most important wedding entertainment tips to keep in mind for a fresh take on “wedding fun”? Here are some games you and your guests could play:

  • The shoe game. The bride and groom take one of their shoes off and make an exchange. Someone (usually the Maid of Honor and/or Best Man) asks questions the “audience” has put down on small notes. The bride and groom have to raise the shoe that corresponds to the right answer (e.g.: “Who has the most shoes” – the groom will raise the bride’s shoe).
  • Bridal bingo. Want to make sure guests mingle and socialize with one another? Create fun bingo sheets with wedding-worthy actions guests can score (e.g. “talking to two bridesmaids”, “finding out how many sisters the groom has”, and so on). Put up a prize for your guests’ efforts as well – they’ll definitely enjoy playing the game!
  • Good music. Remember, great music should be on the background of your wedding reception throughout the entire night (except for the speeches, of course). This way, guests will have plenty of options on how they can entertain themselves: dance, play games, socialize, etc.


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