There’s nothing to compare with the feeling of seeing your son getting married and take off to his new life, together with a wonderful lady who will, from now on, be part of your family too.

That’s all you need to keep in mind to make your mom happy during the Big Day, really – it will help you make the best choices to help her feel genuinely amazing celebrating your new start in life.

For instance, have you chosen a Mother Son dance song yet? If not, here are some suggestions that will definitely comply with the “rule” mentioned above:

  • Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water. This is the woman who not only gave birth to you, but the woman who stood by you with every fever you ever got, with every tear you ever shed, with every single moment of despair and sadness you went through. In many ways, she is your brides over the troubled waters of growing up.
  • The Beatles, In My Life. What mother doesn’t love the voices of the grand Beatles? This song is particularly great for a Mother Son dance – not only for its mellow tune, but also for its powerful, meaningful lyrics as well.
  • Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World. If you’re searching for a true classic to dance to with your mother, this is IT. A true masterpiece in music, a voice that embraces you with power and sensitivity, a song that’s all about the beauty of love in all its shapes. Amazing choice!


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