Your wedding music mirrors your taste, your style, and your very own love story. Sure, you will definitely have at least a bunch of songs you absolutely want to include in the Big Day playlist – but have you considered the songs you definitely don’t want to hear at your wedding?

Well, as it appears, a lot of couples are banning the following songs from their Big Day – consider doing the same if you want your guests to be truly entertained.

  • We don’t even know where to begin with this one. Not only is this song too old and overused, but it is also one of the worst songs to play at a wedding. Why? Because it talks about…cheating. Now, that’s a topic you don’t want to bring up during your Big Day, do you?
  • The Chicken Dance. OK, this was all the rage 10 years ago. But in the last decade, the song has been played at every birthday party, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah and wedding under the Sun. In other words, most of your guests have heard (and danced to) this song a gazillion times before – don’t make them do it again!
  • Even older, even more overused. YMCA was fun for the first 5-10 years, but these days it’s just white noise for most people. Would you really want a bunch of guests waving their hands up and down on this song, for the thousandth time? Probably not – and your guests will most likely happily oblige to this.

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