You want everyone at your wedding to have a great time there – and this obviously includes yourselves too. What happens when you are not great natural dancers? How do you make the most of this highly important party in your life and still get to spend an amazing time on the dance floor?

We have gathered some of the best dance moves to invest your time in before the reception – so read on and get ready to awe your guests with the awesomeness of your dances.

  • Passionate and fun, salsa is the kind of dance move that works with many types of songs and in many contexts too. You will love moving your bodies on these passionate Latino moves – and learning the dance itself is not even as hard as it may seem at first. Definitely worth giving this a try!
  • Basic box step. Looking for a dance move to use with all those sweet, romantic slow dances? Well, the basic box step can save you from a lot of unpleasant situations. It is extremely easy to learn it and it will work with all slow songs – including your first dance!
  • Electric slide. Fun and easy to learn, the electric slide is perfect for a variety of group dances. Considering you are the hosts of your Big Day, and considering how much guests tend to love group/line dances, it is a must that you keep up the pace with them and learn the electric slide step.

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