Weddings used to be far stricter than they are today. From the types of dresses the bride were allowed to wear to the types of food their weddings were allowed to serve, there used to be a mighty impressive set of rules that don’t make much sense today, in 2017.

Obviously, as an “organism” that takes the shape of the society it mirrors, wedding music has changed with the times as well. Do you still have to keep it traditional with the ceremony music, though? We have some tips for you – so  read on and find out more.

  • Most of the times you don’t have to stick to traditional wedding music. From Here Comes the Bride to Love Me Tender and Nothing Else Matters, you’re pretty much free to play whatever music you may want during the ceremony. It’s your big moment to shine and you deserve to do it on the music that represents you!
  • However, please keep in mind there may be situations when playing unconventional music is just not the right choice. The most common such situation is when your wedding ceremony site forbids it – e.g. you’re having your wedding in a very traditional, religious place of worship and they are very strict with the music they allow into their space.
  • Furthermore, remember that playing unconventional music during the ceremony should usually be accompanied by equally unconventional wedding choices. You don’t necessarily have to walk down the aisle in a black dress if you don’t want to – but thinking out of the box with other wedding elements will help you create a cohesive atmosphere during the Big Day.

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