Sure, your wedding will be a rollercoaster of emotions with anxiety and stress leading the way into emotions, sentimentalism, melancholia, and downright happiness.

Even so, as the host of the big party, you will still want your guests to have a really great time while they celebrate your wonderful union.

How do you actually keep people on the dance floor until the sunrise? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Hire a very good DJ. Of course, an experienced DJ will pretty much know what to play to make sure your guests are having the time of their lives. From the right amount of line dances (and the right ones, as you don’t want your guests to yawn in boredom while dancing the over-used cha-cha-slide), to the right amount of love songs, a DJ will just
  • You can chip in with suggestions too. If you have songs you really must hear at your wedding, or songs that should be completely avoided, speak about this to your DJ. They will be happy to oblige!
  • Create the perfect mélange between emotional and fun. Your First Dance, as well as your Parents Dances will be highly sentimental – but other than that, it is more than likely that the rest of the wedding dances will be quite fun.
  • Don’t forget to offer some late night snacks. You don’t have to offer anything too fancy – even pizza slices will do when it comes to keeping your guests’ energy levels up (and their spirits even higher!).


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