No matter what kind of wedding you want to have – be it a large, opulent event or a small, intimate one – and no matter what kind of wedding theme or location you may choose for your Big Day, one thing is for certain: love is the main motif.

Thus, including a couple of love songs in your wedding playlist makes perfect sense – and what genre could be more generous in this respect, other than R’n’B?

Following, we have gathered some of the most popular R’n’B love songs of all times – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Eric Benet Feat. Tamia, Spend My Life with You. There’s no declaration of love more powerful than screaming it to the world that you want to spend the rest of your life with your special someone. Truly, this song is absolutely perfect for weddings – it can be played for the wedding processional, wedding exit, First Dance, Last Dance, or any other moment in between.
  • Beyoncé, 1+1. Queen Bey is queen for a reason: she knows how to pull off an empowering song just as she knows how to show her vulnerability as well. This song falls into the latter category: it is deeply romantic and meaningful, almost haunting in the way it brings together the beauty of love and the amazing voice Beyoncé has graced the world with. Lovely tune!
  • Alicia Keys, If I Ain’t Got You. Alicia knows how to create songs that run through your veins and almost put you in a state of drunkenness with her beautiful voice and her deep lyrics. This song will send you right back to the 2000s, when R’n’B was part of your mix-tape every time you wanted to listen to soothing, romantic songs.
  • John Legend, So High. Leave it to John Legend to create songs that literally want to make you get married here and now. Every single romantic song he has ever come up with goes straight to your heart – and this one makes no exception. It will literally make you feel high…on love!


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