Weddings may have changed a lot in the past several decades – but the absolute truth is that there are still many wedding traditions that are worth following today as well. For example, special wedding dances are considered to be among the most highly-appreciated wedding customs – and if you want to add some magic, emotion and sentimentalism to your wedding too, you will definitely want to follow these traditions as well.

What are the top wedding dance traditions, more exactly? Read on and find out more.

  • The First Dance. This dance takes place before or after the dinner and it features the bride and groom dancing on a song that’s meaningful for them as a couple. Sometimes, the bride and groom may choose to share this dance with their wedding party, ending the First Dance with all of their bridesmaids and groomsmen joining in.
  • The Father/Daughter and the Mother/Son Dance. If you want to show your parents just how much you love and appreciate them, these dances are a true must at your wedding. They usually take place after the First Dance or the Wedding Party Dance. The songs chosen for these moments have to be truly meaningful – but be sure you choose tunes that’s truly suitable for your particular situation!
  • The Parents Dance. Sometimes, the couple may choose to include a Parents Dance in the wedding reception too. During this dance, the bride, groom and their parents all dance together at the same time – and while this may not be a very popular tradition, it can definitely add a lot of emotion and beauty to your Big Day.

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