Your wedding is bound to be one of the most magically memorable moments of your life – and the music you play on the background of such a great event plays a huge role in the way you and your guests will feel on the Big Day.

What are some of the top wedding music tips you may not have considered until now? We have gathered a few of them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Be each other’s biggest support. Your First Dance will most likely be filled with emotion and nervousness – and if you’re not particularly used to performing a dance in front of so many eyes, things can very easily slip into pure anxiety. Be there for each other and talk to each other during the First Dance – it will help both of you so much!
  • Consider your DJ’s attire. Don’t forget to talk to your DJ about the attire they should wear on your wedding day. This will help them coordinate their style with the formality of your wedding, so that they don’t stand out in a negative way.
  • Consider your reception’s length. Generally speaking, DJs are booked for about four hours – so if you know your wedding reception will last longer than that, consider negotiating with your DJ the time they spend at your wedding. This way, you will avoid paying for overtime and you will make sure your DJ is available throughout the entire reception.


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