The song you walk down the aisle to is really important – after all, you really don’t get married every day, and having your ceremony processional on a song that’s meaningful for you means a lot. Yet, can you (or, rather said, should you) walk down the aisle to a modern song? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

  • Yes, of course you can use whatever song you want for your wedding processional! In the end, this is your wedding day and it’s important that you and your loved one are genuinely happy with everything connected to it. Plus, weddings are not as formal as they used to be – so you are more than free to choose whatever song you want.
  • Keep in mind, though: if you want to have a religious ceremony, we highly advise you to discuss your song choices with the officiant. Although many religions are more than permissive with musical choices, you may not always be allowed to play what song you want (and this happens especially when you are getting married in a place of worship).
  • If you want a modern song because you’re in love with its meaning, but if you also want to keep it traditional, you can always have your modern song played in a traditional, instrumental way. Also, another way to blend the “old” and the “new” in your ceremony music is to choose an oldie but goldie tune that’s unique for weddings, but everyone, of all ages, can relate to it.

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