You want nothing more than to know your guests are really well-entertained. In the end, you all deserve this and you should definitely do everything in your power to achieve it. What are some of the best and most original wedding entertainment tips of the moment, though?

We have gathered them right below – so read on to find out more.

  • Organize a flash mob. Sure, they may not be the newest thing, but truth be told, we don’t get to see enough of these at weddings. Not only will a flashmob create amazing memories at your wedding, but it will also create a really good energy there, making people want to join in on the dance floor and have some good, old-fashioned dance fun.
  • Bring in a dance teacher. Want to make sure your guests leave your wedding with a remarkable memory? Bring in a dance teacher to show everyone how to do a particular dance. It can be anything, ranging from a classic Tango to a Thriller choreography (if that’s what suits your wedding style and your relationship better).
  • Hire a celebrity impersonator. We cannot all afford to bring Bruno Mars at our weddings – but what if you could invite someone who looks just like your favorite celebrity? People will love this special guest and they will definitely want to take a lot of fun photos with him/her in your photo booth. Memorable indeed!

Looking for a wedding DJ who knows what music to play to make everyone feel excellent? Or maybe for a really fun photo booth? Contact A+ Entertainment right now and we will make sure your Big Day is FUN and UNFORGETTABLE from all points of view. Hire us and you will never regret it!