If you and your loved one are big fans of music, you will surely want to bring your passion into the big day – and not just in the shape of a playlist, but also in the decor you use for this special moment in your life.

How to add your passion for music into the wedding mix? We have some of the loveliest ideas out there – so read on and find out more.

  • Choose a music-inspired wedding venue. It may be a concert hall, a musical arena, or simply an underground club you both love a lot. Setting your venue into your music-loving theme will make things a lot easier when it comes to bringing out the different musical motifs and ideas. Plus, this is the kind of unique space that will surprise your guests in a more than pleasant way!
  • Replace bouquets with instruments. Want your bridesmaids to reflect your passion for music too? Ditch the traditional bridesmaids’ bouquets and replace them with small instruments they can carry down the aisle. Such a lovely, unique and refreshing idea!
  • Musical cupcake toppers. A small piece of music score can look adorable on your wedding cupcakes! Regardless of whether you use them as an alternative to the actual wedding cake, or if you simply offer these sweet treats as wedding favors, the musical topper will make it even cuter and more unique. Guests will love the idea so much!

Don’t forget to hire a DJ who understands your passion for music! Contact A+ Entertainment and let’s talk about your favorite songs, how to incorporate them into the big day, and how to make this event a really inspiring one for all of your fun-loving, warm-hearted guests. Hire us and we guarantee your wedding will be the best one your guests have ever been to!