Weddings are frequently rooted in traditions and customs. Some of them still make sense and many of them are still followed for their beauty – but in many cases, traditions don’t have to be followed in the modern context.

What are some wedding music traditions you don’t have to follow these days?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The first dance. Not many people know this, but the first dance is not absolutely mandatory. Don’t get us wrong: it can be a fantastic moment you will remember forever. But if you and your loved one don’t feel comfortable dancing in front of so many people, then you are more than free not to have a first dance. You can always have a first dance just the two of you!
  • The processional. Unless you are having a religious wedding and your ceremony officiant tells you that you cannot chose your own song, you are more than free to walk down the aisle on whatever tune you want: instrumental music, rock music, rap, or whatever else might suit you.
  • The last dance. This goes the same route as the first dance – you may or may not have it and it is all up to you. It can be a nice way to bid farewell to your guests and it can make for a pretty fun moment – but don’t feel obliged to do it.
  • The cutting of the cake. Same as the first dance, this is a tradition you can follow or not. The cutting of the cake bears with it plenty of symbolism both regarding your current relationship and the future you are about to build together. However, if you think this tradition is outdated, or if you feel that you don’t have to make a moment out of it, then go ahead and do it.
  • Any kind of music. Some couples feel that they absolutely have to have a certain type of music during their wedding – like a slow song for the first dance, for example. Yet, this is not true. Unless you really want a traditional wedding, you are free to play whatever music you like – as long as it doesn’t offend anyone, of course!


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