Your wedding music is more than just the sounds that surround you on your wedding day – it is the very soundtrack of your most beautiful event, of the day that will change the rest of your lives.

Of course you want your wedding music to be truly reflective of who you are – and we strongly encourage couples to make musical choices they can actually relate to.

However, looking at some of the trends that define the wedding music world can help you plan better entertainment from all points of view too. Here are some of the trends that will surely inspire you:

  • Blending a DJ with a band. You don’t have to choose between the two if you don’t want to. You can always use a band for the ceremony and a wedding DJ for the reception (since the first part of the event is more emotional and more “organic”, while the second one is more party-oriented). Bringing in both a DJ and a small band can create a great experience for you and for your guests too.
  • Performing a song. Even if you’re not a great natural singer, you can still pull off a nice song and create a nice moment if you rehearse a lot and if you hire someone to help you with this. Why would you perform a song? Because it’s a nice way to surprise your guests and your loved one!
  • Ignoring protocol dances. You can ignore all of them (and yes, that includes the First Dance too) or just some of them, as you feel. Yes, they are part of the general wedding tradition – but truly, that means absolutely nothing if you are not comfortable with these dances. There can be a lot of reasons you don’t want to have any of the protocol dances and it is perfectly fine to simply opt out if it’s better for you.
  • Being very involved in the planning of the wedding music. Giving your DJ a list of songs to play and songs not to play can be really advantageous for everyone – for you because you will get to hear the music you actually like and for your DJ because they can make you 100% happy. It’s a win-win situation, really.


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